Francesca Mancini Photojournalist

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Francesca Mancini made her debut as a professional photographer when she was 24, shooting her first international reportages on war refugees in the Balkans and southern Italy, in Kosovo immediately after the war, and on the effects of pollution on the environment in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
After studying photography for three years in Rome, she worked for the Italian press and published her photos in leading daily newspapers.
From 2007 to 2008 she worked as a freelance between Kosovo and Serbia, documenting the social and political changes in the region and the difficulties linked to Kosovo’s independence.
In 2009/11 she realized a project on political asylum seekers in Italy, which was published in the book ‘Rifugiati’ by Christopher Hein.
Her works have netted awards in the MILK Photo Contest and from Photo Magazine, and she has won the Baldoni Prize, the Atri Reportage Prize, the Honoray Mention of Anthropographia Award for Human Rights, the Silver Medal and Honorary Mention of Prix de la Photographie.
She has exhibited at the ‘Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna’ in Rome, at the ‘Vanderbilt Hall’ in New York, ‘Palazzo Attems’ in Gorizia, ‘Palazzo Lombardia’ in Milan and the ‘Nordelicht Gallery’ of Amsterdam.
Mancini’s photos have been published in, among others, Le Monde Magazine, The Independent, Newsweek Japan, Burn, Epsilon, Internazionale, IL, L'Espresso, Panorama,Vanity Fair, Ventiquattro.